Repeat customer, makes our family camping trip easier and in several ways... BETTER!  

Matthew M.

I was able to clear out a nice little camping spot with the pocket chainsaw and avoided getting my supplies wet with the waterproof backpack cover, I love my items.

Adam D.

Ever since i've received my new Cree flashlight and Multi-tool credit card, my late night outdoor excursions have been a blast. 

Frank S.

Meet The Owner

Hello, my name is Moses Soto. I hope your day is going great today. I am also; so glad you are here visiting my first online store. I just wanted to take a few moments, to introduce myself. I am 22 years old, I live in Texas and my main goal in everyday life, is to help others fulfill their dreams.

There are many ways I can accomplish that. One way, In particular, is fund an at-risk youth camp. I understand first hand how effective camps that focus on helping youth get through those mental barriers and unleash the dreams buried inside can be.

With that said, I will take 20 percent of the proceeds and give it directly over to a few active programs (until we can fund our own). To establish a genuine trust with you, I will create a blog (with pictures) or a vlog of me going to these programs and signing over a check.

What an amazing journey this will be.

Enjoy your shopping and please do not hesitate to email me with any questions. Also, please check the FAQ page for immediate answers.

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